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Polymer Colloids. Science and Technology of Latex Systems By Eric S. Daniels, E. David Sudol, and Mohamed S. El-Aasser (Eds.)
2002 | 419 Pages | ISBN: 084123759X | PDF | 43 MB

Content: Overview of polymer colloids: preparation, characterization, and applications / Eric S. Daniels, E. David Sudol, Mohamed S. El-Aasser Colloidal stability analysis of a core-shell emulsion polymerization / E.C. Kostansek Particle aggregation in polymer latexes / Marcel Verduyn ... [et al.] Probing the effects of polymer-particle interactions in solution by microrheology / L.A. Hough, H.D. Ou-Yang Role of "free charge" in the deposition of latex particles onto pulp fibers / B. Alince ... [et al.] Effect of hydrophilic nonionogenic comonomers on flow properties of carboxylated latexes / Jaromir Šňupárek ... [et al.] Seeded growth: avoidance of secondary particle formation / D.S. Jayasuriya, R.H. Ottewill On-line monitoring of emulsion polymerization / Klaus Tauer, Klaus Padtberg, Carlo Dessy Challenges in on-line control of composition and molecular weight distribution of nonlinear emulsion copolymers / M. Vicente, J.R. Leiza, J.M. Asua Kinetics of emulsion polymerization of styrene in the presence of polyurethane resins / I.W. Cheong, M. Nomura, J.H. Kim Living free radical miniemulsion polymerization of of styrene / Gaofeng Pan ... [et al.] Dispersed condensation polymerization in supercritical fluids / K.N. Lee ... [et al.] Improving latex performance by using polymerizable surfactants / Esteban Aramendia ... [et al.] Characterization of latexes synthesized using a reactive surfactant and its polymeric counterpart / Xiaoru Wnag, E. David Sudol, Mohamed S. El-Aasser Stabilization mechanisms in vinyl acetate emulsion polymerization stabilized by poly(vinyl alcohol) / St. Carrà ... [et al.] Modeling of young's modulus of latex blend films as a function of the carboxyl group concentration on the latex particles / Jiansheng Tang ... [et al.] Morphology and adhesive force of natural rubber latex films by atomic force microscopy / C.C. Ho, M.C. Khew Microencapsulation of fine titanium dioxide powders from (S/O)/W emulsion with subsequent solvent evaporation / Anchali Supsakulchai ... [et al.] New core-shell dispersions with reactive groups / Hans-Jürgen P. Adler ... [et al.] Novel suface functionalization method for producing carboxyl-functional poly(methyl styrene) latexes / Pei Li Temperature-sensitive hairy particles / Haruma Kawaguchi, Yoko Isono, Reiko Sasabe Ethylene-modified latexes: preparation, miscibility enhancement, and barrier properties / Jin-Sup Shin, Soug-Youn Lee, Jung-Hyun Kim Water-based hybrids of vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymers and cross-linkable epoxy / Lloyd M. Robeson, David Dubowik, Robert A. Berner Hybrid composite latexes / Pilmoon Jeong ... [et al.] Cross-linked acrylate microspheres for solvent absorption by SPG technique / S. Kiatkamjornwong, S. Tawonsree, S. Omi.





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