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Polymers for Biomedical Applications By Anil Mahapatro and Ankur S. Kulshrestha (Eds.)
2008 | 419 Pages | ISBN: 0841239665 | PDF | 33 MB

Content: Polymers for biomedical applications / Ankur S. Kulshrestha and Anil Mahapatro From drug-eluting stents to biopharmaceuticals: poly(ester amide) a versatile new bioabsorbable biopolymer / Zaza Gomurashvili ... [et al.] Chitosan water-soluble system: an approach to prepare superabsorbent gel / Suwabun Chirachanchai and Juthathip Fangkangwanwong The cyclization and functionalization of styrenic polymers / Boyd A. Laurent, Dawanne M. Eugene, and Scott M. Grayson High-strength, melt processable, aromatic poly(anhydride)s / Kevin Cooper and Angelo Scopelianos Fluorescently labeled protein-polymer bioconjugates using protein-derived macroinitiators from living radical polymerization / Julien Nicolas ... [et al.] Adapting polymeric metal complexes for biomedical applications / Cassandra L. Fraser and Gina L. Fiore Beyond trail and error: tools to advance the engineering of biomaterials / Lori A. Henderson, Matt J. Kipper, and Martin Y.M. Chiang Broadband dielectric spectroscopic characterization of the hydrolytic degradation of hydroxyl-terminated poly(D, L lactide) materials / Mohammad K. Hassan ... [et al.] The expanding role of mass spectrometry as a tool for polymer chemistry / E. Peter Maziarz III, X. Michael Liu, and Troy D. Wood Synthesis and properties of functional poly(vinylpyrrolidinone) hydrogels for drug delivery Enzymatically synthesized pegylated polymers as nanomicellar drug delivery systems / Rajesh Kumar ... [et al.] Novel two-photon activated photodynamic therapy agents: design, synthesis, and preclinical studies on subcutaneous cancerous tumors / Aijun Gong ... [et al.] Synthesis and characterization of carborane functionalized dendronized polymers as potential boron neutron capture therapy agents / S. Rahima Benhabbour and Alex Adronov Biodegadable ionomers for the loading and release of proteins: formation, characterization, mechanism, and consequence of water uptake / Fredrik Nederberg ... [et al.] An overview of the biocompatibility of polymeric surfaces / Katherine C. Glasgow and Dibakar Dhara Reactive polymer coatings for biological applications / Himabindu Nandivada ... [et al.] Optimization of microdomain structure to control osteoblast attachment on poly(ethylene glycol)- poly(caprolactone) polyurethanes / Gracy Wingkono and Carson Meredith Polymers for tissue engineering / Wei He ... [et al.] Cell-container prepared with cytocompatible phospholipid for cell and tissue engineering / Tomohiro Konno and Kazuhiko Ishihara Evaluation of a bioabsorbable polyester blend for use in medical devices: CRANIOSORB, a novel cranial fixation system / Kevin Cooper ... [et al.] Biopolymers for biosensors: polypeptide nanotubes for optical biosensing / Hatice Duran ... [et al.].





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