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Polysaccharide Applications. Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals By Magda A. El-Nokaly and Helena A. Soini (Eds.)
1999 | 352 Pages | ISBN: 0841236410 | PDF | 27 MB

Content: Alginate microparticles for vaccine delivery / M.A. Suckow, L. Siger, T.L. Bowersock, J.J. Turek, D. Van Horne, D. Borie, A. Taylor, H. Park, and K. Park Gene delivery by quaternary chitosan with antennary galactose residues / Tatsuro Ouchi, Jun-ichi Murata, and Yuichi Ohya Drug-cyclodextrin complexation in the presence of water-soluble polymers : enhanced solubility and percutaneous transport / Már Másson and Thorsteinn Loftsson Preparation of polyrotaxanes and molecular tubes for host-guest systems / Pierandrea LoNostro, Massimo Ceccato, and Piero Baglioni Cyclodextrin-linked chitosan : synthesis and inclusion complexation abilities / Nobuo Sakairi, Norio Nishi, and Seiichi Tokura Preparation of inclusion foams from chitin and PEG-chitin for the drug delivery system / S. Tokura, H. Tamura, T. Dohba, K. Takahashi, N. Sakairi, and N. Nishi Polysaccharide engineering : silicified microcrystalline cellulose as a novel high-functionality pharmaceutical material / Stephen Edge, D. Fraser Steele, Michael J. Tobyn, and John N. Staniforth Synthesis and characterization of thermoreversible sucrose hydrogels (sucrogels) / Seongbong Jo and Kinam Park Investigations on cellulose-carbanilates and cellulose-carbanilate-acetates in dilute solutions / Kati Schmidt, Frank-Immo Hildebrandt, and Peter Zugenmaier Molten inorganic salt hydrates as cellulose solvents / S. Fischer, H. Leipner, E. Brendler, W. Voigt, and K. Fischer Cellulosic liquid crystals / Pierre Sixou Chitosan-pluronic physical interpenetrating network : membrane fabrication and protein permeability studies / Derrick Anderson, Tragiang Nguyen, and Mansoor Amiji Interactions between cyclodextrins and a mixed cationic cellulose ether : anionic surfactant gelling system / Paschalis Alexandridis, Sungsook Ahn, and Marina Tsianou Interaction between chitin derivatives and surfactants / J. Desbrières and M. Rinaudo Influence of cationic cellulose structure on interactions with sodium dodecyl sulfate / Melissa Manuszak Guerrini and William H. Daly Creaming and rheology of flocculated emulsions / Pretima Manoj, Andrew D. Watson, Annette J. Fillery-Travis, David J. Hibberd, and Margaret M. Robins Building aqueous viscosity through synergistic polymer-polymer interactions / James V. Gruber and Peter N. Konish Ultrasonic techniques to characterize concentrated colloidal dispersions / D.J. Hibberd, M.J. Garrood, J.M. Leney, and M.M. Robins Fluorescence microscopy study of the sorption of cationic polymers on hair / S.T.A. Regismond, Y.-M. Heng, E.D. Goddard, and F.M. Winnik Small-angle neutron scattering on neutral and cationic guar galactomannan / M.R. Gittings, J. Lal, P.J. Dérian, and C. Marques Applications of gel permeation chromatography with multi-angle light scattering to the characterization of polysaccharides / D. Richard White, Jr. Capillary electrophoresis in starch analysis / H.A. Soini and M.V. Novotny.





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