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 Predmet príspevku: Faltones - Wake Up (2011)
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Artist: Faltones
Title: Wake Up
Year Of Release: 2011
Label: Faltones
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Quality: Flac (tracks)
Total Time: 39:19
Total Size: 298 Mb

01. Sleep (Intro)
02. Where Are You?
03. Blind
04. Wasted Time
05. In The Air
06. Please C.B.C.
07. Lies
08. I Forgot...
09. The Last Goodbye
10. Résistance
11. Wake Up!
Pedro Alarcón (Voz y guitarra rítmica)
Arturo Carmona (Guitarra solista y coros)
José A. Imedio (Batería y coros)
José Vinuesa (Bajo)
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For me the great success of this band from Ciudad Real that already hooked us with their previous EP 'Lost Town' is that even being different influences of sounds that they like, they have a brand of their own and there are no groups at the moment in this country that sounds like this. It's a job that I really like, where the guitars sound powerful and well present in the compositions since the beginning of the album with songs like "Where are you?", Which opens with strength and is one of the ones that put me most personally , like "Blind", where Faltones remind me of Pearl Jam, although in a darker point. 'Wake Up!' Hooks you and immerses you in a musical landscape full of contrasts such as "Wasted Time", a composition with a beginning that could be described as funky that precedes a melodic song but with strength, precious and full of freshness, with a taste of good American rock. With "Please CBC" they introduce us in acoustic terrains in the image and likeness of John Cougar, Tom Petty or Bon Jovi, something that is seen little in these parts, a song that is worth listening to and that ends with strength and the electricians sending . "I Forgot" is another theme that hooks, not only for its strength, but also because it has a fantastic melody that stays stuck in your ear, also with the bill of good American rock. To finish "Wake Up!" Closes the album with whistle and sounds that can remind you of Van Halen. - Charly rock and roll (google)

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